Monday December 17th 2018 05:58:46 AM, GMT + 3
Osaühing Artime Consulting
Numero de registro: EE12103099
NIF: EE101545040
Direccion postal: Box Nr. 3089 Tallinn Post Office, 10504, Estonia
Telefono: 00372-567-695-68

Internet radio

Listeners might be able to record torture and sabotage by paramilitary bandits who attack my brain, talk on my laptop, interfering its O.S.
Possible interviews with security and military agents, doctors, scientists (from any location) willing to disclose information.
Video broadcast available.
Russian, English and Spanish spoken.
Preferable transmission time: daily between 1:00pm-2:00pm and 1:00am- 2:00am Estonian time (UTC + 2).

Live video broadcast: