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Osaühing Artime Consulting
Väike-Karja tn 9-7, 10140, Tallinn, Harju maakond
Registration number: EE12103099
VAT number: EE101545040
Telephone: 00372-567-695-68

Consulting is available by personal meetings, telephone calls and online conversations.
You are warned that the French police and the French military have used biotechnology satellites to interfere conversations with lawyers at lawyers' offices, photos and videos documenting such operations available.
Mentioned satellite technology used to sabotage conversations with bank tellers on bank premises by attacking brain and talking on top of local music. Conversations recorded, Tallinn, Estonia.
While talking to civilians on street, attacks to the brain using satellite technology to hinder independent journalism.
Similar technology was used during conversation with member of the Russian communist party at the Legislative House of the City of Saint Petersburg (when Segolene Royal was mentioned).


Visiting card of Mr Ammar Dawood, attache of the Iraqi embassy in Paris.
He said:
I will go to Brussels (soon)

Below photos taken in Brussels, notice date and time:
Supposed Cuban, part of the team using biotechnology satellite to attack my brain

14:26 12-07-10

15:28 12-07-10

NATO HQ entrance.

10:03 02-07-10

11:21 14-01-10

Manuel Artime, political leader of the Bay of Pigs invasion:


Dresden 1999 "Bush pilots":


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