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The Estonian police and Jewish paramilitary groups sabotage Artime Consulting's website. For example: as I type they talk on my laptop, attacking my brain and eardrums with satellite equipment/ micro waves. USA federal technology and resources implemented in this covert subversion; denunciations to two international courts (ICC (Reference: OTP-CR-811/09/001) and European Court of Human Rights (petition number 38967/09)) have not deterred the mafia.

Artime Consulting was created to fight the CIA (much of the evidence points to them) and the eternal victims' expansion.
16.10.2007, interview to information agency IRNA and GOSTELERADIO of Iran:

The Libyan bureau (diplomatic mission in the USA) had blamed the CIA prior to the onset of the civil armed strife, giving me two telephone numbers in Tripoli: 011-218-213-400-461 and -462.
One of the FSB agents implicated in the invasion of Libya by NATO is Danil Bondarenko (FSB ID number 062608); the operation included a BBC interview with Colonel Gaddafi and the Russian consulate in Narva (USS Mesa Verde, a case fabrication to roof organized crime). Danger of treason comprises:

  • NATO - China
  • NATO - Caribbean basin
  • Florida presidential election recount in 2000 - attack to a USS warship in the Persian Gulf

The ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) was contacted in regard to several attacks on civilian aircraft including Cubana Flight 455 bombing on October 6, 1976
and the Egypt Air flight 990 crash on October 31, 1999
Both aggressions are part of denounced Paris- based biotechnology group's activities, which also include:

(Video download)

The Russian president, Dmitri Medvedev, is implicated in the bombing at Domodedovo airport, officially reported as a suicide attack. On the evening of December 3rd, 2011, this operation was still developing on Tallinn streets, photographs available.

The manuscripts presented by Artime Consulting contain information that can lead to the arrest of Vladimir Putin and members of his cabinet for terrorism and high treason; they include photographs taken at Vnukovo airport on October 14th, 2010.

The pattern of the scarf had been utilized before (and continues to be). In Paris, for example, by an extreme right Jewish group (Le Marais, rue Debelleyme) and, on another occasion, by a German (Dresden) team in a doctor's private consultation (Boulevard des Batignolles). Open-source presidential-level terrorism such as this one is likely designed to attract wealthy costumers by offering immunity for mass murders. The woman in the photo is protecting a French policeman, whose attic apartment was used for severe torture and mass murders (property issues and les droits des agents de l'etat) in 2006 (Israeli bombardment of Shiite areas of Beirut, Norman Schwarzkopf's group, photos and videos available).

Understanding the role of a USA-based multinational corporation (Israeli) is essential to explain the recent Russian - Georgian war and its significance in Latvia and Estonia, where a large percent of the population is ethnically Russian, living sometimes without citizenship in NATO member countries.

Mentioned American (Israeli) corporation is implicated in acts of international terrorism (e.g.: mass murders and selective assassinations), which have helped the extreme right take over in countries where they lobby (and finance political careers). The use of biotechnology to eliminate political opponents must be made public.

I have met in Moscow high-ranking officers of the Russian military prosecutor's office in order to denounce recent mass killings and assassinations on Russian territory (Moscow metro bombs:
(Photos of military personnel first published on this website)
and assassination of a judge in Moscow (Eduard Vladimirovitch Chuvashov, April 12th, 2010):
among others) perpetrated with the support of the French military. I also briefly spoke to a General in the Colombian embassy in Moscow (previous meetings had taken place in the embassies and consulates of Colommbia in The Hague, Paris and Brussels, photos available), regarding the assassination of Elvira Cortes Gil on May 16, 2000 by necklace bomb and other incidents.

During the July 6th (George W. Bush's birthday), 2006 press conference with BBC's Bridget Kendall, Vladimir Putin referred to the murder of Elvira Cortes Gil.

A. Gurnov: I just wanted to finish this topic, Mr Putin.
You talked about the protection of state borders. Here is Sergey, your fellow countryman from St. Petersburg, who has a serious approach to military service and who is interested in Russia's military doctrine and asks:
- Who is our potential enemy, besides world terrorism?

VLADIMIR PUTIN: If humanity has invented weapons, all who did it, proceeded from the fact that there are enemies. We did not create the first atomic bomb, we did not create the nuclear bomb, we never used (received) weapons of mass destruction. But we know that all this, unfortunately, is present in the history of humanity. And while other states have corresponding offensive weapons, our country has to pay the necessary attention to it and allocate the necessary funds for it. I have already said that our defense expenditure is 25 times less than, say, in the United States.
We will approach these problems carefully, we will seek asymmetric forms of answers to any challenges, bearing in mind the high level of military science and human potential. We also know about the losses in this area in recent years. But still we have kept these capabilities, we will use them, as well as new possibilities that are appearing in our country. I am sure that we can guarantee our defense capacity and security.

B. Kendall: But still, who's the main enemy?

VLADIMIR PUTIN: We want that among the enemies, we along with militarily and economically advanced countries, will see today only terrorists and drug lords. In this regard, we are more and more effectively working together. And the more we will be able to coordinate actions in the international arena, the higher will be the extent of our mutual trust, the less likely we'll hear the questions like the one you ask now.

B. Kendall: Next topic - the main theme of this "Summit of Eight": energy security. In Europe, many are concerned about the reliability of Russian supplies, especially after you shut down in January natural gas to Ukraine. Precisely about it just now a number of questions arrived at our website. Here's Tom McLaughlin (spelling?) from London who asks: "Could there be a situation in which Russia will turn off the gas to Western Europe?"

VLADIMIR PUTIN: Could I ask you a question: How much is your necklace, approximately?

B. Kendall: Well, this is a very unexpected question.

VLADIMIR PUTIN: But you put me some unexpected questions.

B. Kendall: It will be very interesting if there is a thief listening to our conversation.

VLADIMIR PUTIN: As for the thieves, I assure you, they were able to appreciate it. So, you can with confidence mention at least an approximate number.

B. Kendall: I am pleased to say that several hundred pounds.

VLADIMIR PUTIN: Good, good. You could not sell it for five cents or one ruble? It is unlikely that you will agree, right?

B. Kendall: Because you are the President of Russia ...

VLADIMIR PUTIN: To the President - maybe. To confirm the very close relationship between Britain and Russia - maybe. But to a man from the street is unlikely you will give it for nothing. Why should Russia give out its property and its natural resources for nothing to other partners who are equal to us in the international arena? Russia for 15 years ...

(ETA 2000 killing of de la Calle)

In Brussels 2010, BBC news studio implemented a real-time closed-circuit cameras system in the apartment of an employee of the European Parliament, which later might have led to the killing of a civilian, shot during the riots in Kyrgystan (when BBC broadcast an interview on the spot).

I had met Libyan diplomatic personnel in Copenhagen (in the Libyan embassy) in 2004, when it was already evident that foreign military organizations were cooperating with the French National Police in preparations of aggression. Videos documenting such operation available, the Danish police and an oil company repeatedly participated in a so-called Jewish Russian plan (also caught on video). In the Hungarian embassy in Copenhagen I met a diplomat (Maria Acs), who hinted at (illegal) financing, video available. Immediately after Sarkozy's election in France, paramilitary groups in Paris used the Copenhagen Libyan embassy military setup (set down in photos and videos).

Similar uniformed-police undertakings, to fuel ethnic motives in the Chechen war, were documented in Paris and Brussels. Locations and complexity illustrated on the manuscripts' maps.
The bombing of the Minsk metro on April 11th, 2011 (at least 14 people killed), which forms part of the roofing given to the Jewish mafia, was timed to a fax sent to the cabinet of Chechen president Kadyrov from Tallinn, photos available, uniformed military personnel implicated.

(As I type I am threatened with prison by gangsters talking on my laptop.)

I was received in NATO's HQ by a member of the Latvian delegation, after the Latvian embassy in Brussels had told me to contact them, because they decide those sort of things anyways (quote). Later in Riga, Latvian policemen directed me to the security police (the meeting took place) and when I returned to complain about nonstop torture, the same policeman called a paramedics unit because I was behaving strangely and saying weird things.
I stood before a psychiatric commission, which jokingly released me. I met an agent of the FBI and a member of the military mission, in the embassies of the USA and Russia respectively.
After briefly conversing with diplomatic worker at the Swiss embassy in Riga (located on the same floor as the Israeli embassy), these individuals took part in satellite attacks on my brain and internal organs:

Two separate meetings took place at the Terekhovo - Burachki border point (Latvia - Russia) with FSB border troops officers. Previous telephone conversations from Brussels with the Pskov border troops regional command center (after the Moscow metro bombs).

I was also received by a diplomat in the Rwandan embassy in Paris and spoke to a member of the ICC's evidence gathering committee.

In short, Artime Consulting needs your support to deal with urgent matters. I undergo constant attacks on the brain and internal organs since 2008, I repeat, 24 hours/ 7 days operation of torture using satellite technology that started three years ago.

Who is financing this mafia's operation?
Medical examinations, which have been denied in Paris by the French military (video documented), shall prove torture and biomedical attacks.

The works sold by Artime Consulting are private property. Attached DVD's contain videos, recorded conversations with federal agents, military officers, USA senators' staffers, photographs and other supporting material.

Thank you for your endorsement,

M. Artime