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Paramilitary agents sitting next to me are making "noises" and comments (such as "war"), as my illegally-wired laptop is interfered by (presumably) German activists (below images):
        Saturday, March 1st 2014 18:38

Examples of interaction with embassies/ ministries of foreign affairs/ international organizations:

United Nations:

1.) Faxes sent to United Nations Missions through Savage satellite nuclear attacks on my brain continued afterwards. Indicated time: UTC-6:

2.) Descriptions of some instances of direct participation of uniformed policemen and military personnel in sabotage/ torture (Geneva II conference on Syria):


1990 - 2010:

1.) Bombing of the embassy of China. Expansion of alliance.

2.) Brussels visit to NATO HQ, as suggested by Latvian embassy staffer.

Invasion of Libya:

1.) Conversations with diplomatic personnel of the Libyan embassy in Copenhagen (2004). US university professor (Institute for Advanced Studies) possibly involved. Videos and photos available (2004 - 2014).

2.) Cuban embassy in Paris - Nicolas Sarkozy's visit to elderly home around the corner from Cuban embassy. Photos available, below example:


1.) US right-wing agent dropping threat by referring to "last-week arrested Russian spy working against NATO".

2.) Severe satellite nuclear and laser attacks on brain and internal organs continues. NATO mentioned by activists as being behind interference of my equipment.


Foreign Affairs Ministers:

1.) French military terrorists in Dresden (1999, Virginie Elaine Ruiz's team), used the official visit of Felipe Pérez Roque to Turkey and his replacement of previous Minister Roberto Robaina, to target Algeria in illegal covert operations that included the assassination of Abdelkader Hachani, a leading figure and founding member of the Islamic Salvation Front. Later in France, French uniformed military personnel in front/near the building of the Algerian embassy, took part, Russian-speaking civilians in Paris also involved (documented on videos and photos). They appeared to be partly motivated by securing foreign investments in Cuba (and in the Russian Federation) and incriminating former Vice director of the Cuban Communist Party's Central Committee section for Foreign Relations, supposedly posted in Algiers at the time of the killing. Their subversive (bench-marking) activities continue nowadays, unabated.

2.) Segregationist French trafficking in Human Beings (Cuban citizens) seems to involve current Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla. The CIA could be charged with terrorism for the 1976 bombing of the Cubana de Aviacion aircraft near Barbados and the assassination of Orlando Leterlier. Swedish Institute of Foreign Affairs video clip might help document the link between the assassination of Olof Palme and Cuban (and foreign, including Swedish) Jewish agents connected with the Cuban Ministry of Agriculture during the 70's and 80's (and Cornell University).
Note: As I type, bandits talk on my laptop, blocking and releasing keyboard letters, attacking brain with satellite laser weapons, etc. Some are obviously Cubans, although they use synthesized male and female voices for torture.
The illusion of independence under financial, military and technological dominance/ occupation.


North America:


1.) United States Interests Section Havana, Cuba (70-ies).

2.) US embassy in Warsaw (2000).

3.) US embassy in Bern (2001):
Right-wing social architecture. Cubans ("the cuban company") involved. CIA invasion at Bay of Pigs, as subsequently understood.

4.) US embassy in Paris (2007):
Policemen working in the station on Rue de Vaugirard (Paris) stole my son's birth certificate, my US passport, burnt my luggage, illegally arrested me and took me to a psychiatric clinic, where I was forced to swallow a pill, my equipment possibly bugged, evidence of participation of French military in international terrorism taken away, Jewish agents harassed me, etc. Arrest period also constituted a violation. Several individuals met in the clinic might have been later implicated in the assassination of Muammar Gaddafi (photos and videos available).
The US embassy did nothing to assist me.

5.) US embassy in Brussels (2010):
Conversation with FBI agent. Somehow recorded and alluded to by Russian woman in Saint Petersburg months later. Jewish activists in Brussels had, later in the same afternoon, harassed me on streets (presumably having eavesdropped).

6.) US Department of State and Cornell University (1997):
Madeleine Albright - Department of Mathematics - Political parties. Couple that claimed having been to the White House the previous night (possibly connected with Yugoslavia) gave me a car ride while searching for accommodations in Ithaca. Cornell University students seen "accidentally" in Paris (participating in war fabrications, ethnically motivated mass murders).

7.) US Department of State and EMC Corporation:
Reported laptop with secret information having been stolen/ disappeared from the Department of State (1998).

8.) US Department of State - Cuba - Switzerland - Vatican:
Impeachment attempt of President Clinton - visit of John Paul II to Havana.
Fabricated killing by Vatican guard used in Paris by man that claimed being Cuban.



South America:





1.) Document.

2.) Hugo Chavez's death.


Dominican Republic:

1.) Consulate in Paris used by Jews that hinted "if we are in trouble we are able to hurt the Euro" and by individuals apparently linked to the French Ministry of Defense. NATO covert operation in Luxembourg; Cuban member of royal family.



1.) Angolan diplomats' apartment in neighboring house (Brussels), brief conversation.

2.) Angolan embassy in Warsaw (see latest news).


1.) Embassy in The Hague (2004).

2.) Embassy in Stockholm (2003).


1.) Embassy in Stockholm.

2.) Embassy in Paris. Health Office of the Egyptian embassy in Paris.





1.) Meeting with diplomatic worker. Subsequent closure of embassy (moved to London), Jews harassing nearby. Institut de la Francophonie (Paris).

2.) Georgian - Russian war (2008), see latest news.

South Africa:

1.) Embassy in Paris. French interference dates back to 2001: South African Trade Office located on the same block as office of French- Mexican maritime attorney, who finalized my divorced from French military agent that had entrapped me in Dresden, Germany in 1999 - 2000.

2.) On the eve of Mandela's death, harassing man photographed in Tallinn:

Eritrea/ Ethiopia :

1.) Possible clients of the US Department of State aggressively harassing in Paris public cafe (video available).



1.) Embassy of China in Brussels, videos and photos available.


1.) Embassy in The Hague (2004).

North/ South Korea:

1.) Embassy of South Korea in Paris. Suggestion at preparation of invasion by uniformed french policemen.

2.) Kim Jong-il's death.







Tajikistan (Урюк):


1.) Conversation with embassy staffer regarding the Sept 11th, 2001 fabricated attacks (Paris).

2.) Brussels embassy.

Middle East:


1.) During 2006 Israel - Hezbollah war (sparked by the kidnapping of three male israeli soldiers) Jewish activists harassing me were filmed, videos available. In Copenhagen, Tallinn and other European cities, police - supported Jewish mafiosi have insinuated their Paris embassy, possibly in the context of tax embezzlement "for security reasons" and surrealism.


1.) Conversation with staffers in The Hague embassy.


1.) Meeting with embassy staffers in Brussels (2003).


1.) Harassment by Iranian in Stockholm (2002). My laptop hacked, shut down, etc.

2.) Embassy in The Hague (2004). Conversation, warning from staffer regarding Paris, France.

3.) Embassy in Paris (2007). Nuclear weapons suggestion outside building later on (video available). Vladimir Putin video possibly used, image below:

Saudi Arabia:


1.) Death of Yasser Arafat.



1.) Conversation with diplomatic worker in Paris embassy (~2005/2006).


1.) Embassy in The Hague, Hariri assassination (2004). Videos and photos available.





1.) Suggestion at the financing of Nicolas Sarkozy by embassy staffer in Copenhagen. Soros foundation? Videos available.


1.) Letter sent to Foreign Affairs Ministry.






1.) Warsaw Book Fair (2013):

This booth had been booked by the Russian Institute of Strategic Studies, whose representatives did not show up. The Russian embassy in Poland was warned by email that extreme-right Polish paramilitary agents were involved in harassment to prevent me from working properly, photos presented as proofs. Satellite nuclear attacks on brain took place during the fair, brutal torture by policemen from the station on Rue de Vaugirard (Paris) the night, following the first presentation (until about 3:00 am).
A number of civilians on streets commented that satellite biotechnology attacks can no longer be denied; some suggested deportations and/or invading the country as a solution.


2.) Embassies in The Hague, Paris, Tallinn.

Czech Republic:

1.) Uniformed French policemen (among them a black man armed with rifle) staged a hostage-freeing "show" when I tried to talk to one of the embassy staffers (before 2007). Possible involvement of English agents.

2.) Crash of Polish President's plane possibly suggested as being a missile attack (as understood later), 2002.


1.) French - Greek - UK consulates in Frankfurt am Main (2002).

2.) Cultural Section in Paris (2006).


1.) Ongoing severe satellite torture is connected with visit to embassy of Estonia in Paris (~2005). Embassy staffers and men seeking visa suggested stance regarding Islamism. The killing of Osama Bin Laden partially involved individuals in Tallinn. Al Quaida appears to be a designation for the US base at Guantanamo Bay.
~"A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with the matter." message was twice used by internet hackers (once while I worked at a Tallinn hotel's cafe, with my laptop connected through Estonian Internet provider Wifi).