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Official papers leaked

Following individuals died in suspicious circumstances. Some of them could still be alive:

  • Vladimir Feodorovitch Veselov. According to USA university mathematics professor, Mr. Veselov died in the Boston Area after living like a street bum. Several hints in Saint Peterburg (Mr. Veselov's city of birth (Leningrad)) that he is still alive. Russian military (navy) was warned. The USA federal government could be hiding Mr. Veselov. A Cuban named Pedro Perez, accidentally met in Barcelona (1992, ETA) bought a fake Spanish passport and was again accidentally met in a Tampa, Florida driver's license classroom (1993). A Soviet Union general and general Norman Schwarzkopf are implicated.
  • Former USA special troops, Mario. Died in a car accident. Tampa police department confirmed his death. Mario's mother and brother mentioned foul play and questioned Vladimir Veselov's role.
  • Mario Jose Pedroso Milian. Former director of Cuban military branch science and technology department. Death timed to Virginie Elaine Ruiz (Paris - Brussels) operation linked to supposed plans to invade Russia (Russia - Belorussia).
These individuals are carrying fake passports:
  • Virginie Elaine Ruiz

  • Passport expiration date timed to Paris metro ticket operation (Rigging national lotteries). Previous indictment of Algerians in a Paris Metro bombing fabricated case. Uniformed French policemen that work in the Rue Vaugirard station (not far from the Hungarian embassy) implicated, videos and photographs available.
    It is not just a set of coincidences, this group is also implicated in a bombing of the London metro, videos available.
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