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All six clips are found at ""; the second one ("Artime") was uploaded on January 28th, 2013 and was used in the context of the Queiq River (Aleppo, Syria) massacre the following day. Photos of implicated extreme-right individuals available.


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Subject: Queiq River (Aleppo, Syria) massacre.
Date: 2014-02-19 19:28
From: artime@XXXXXX

Please, pay attention to the Queiq River (Aleppo, Syria) massacre that took place on January 29th, 2013, which “very possibly” implicated individuals that have made connections among the Cuban Ministry of Agriculture, Cornell University and former German settlement at Stalingrad (Volgograd), with the possible participation of diplomatic workers of the embassy of Syria in Brussels (as understood recently) and “Arabs” wrong-way driving on Quai de Valmy, near the Metro stations Stalingrad – Jaures (Paris). Politically-motivated French citizens connected with the 2000 crash of Air France’s Concord / oil industry, and several banks staffers (photos available) appear to be indirectly involved.


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The US Department of Justice (Washington DC) was logged on March 2014 by server statistics. Thus, they have had access to the information you can see on this particular page. NATO and the US decided to stop all cooperation with the Russian Federation on military matters, commented by Russian Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov (March 12, 2014 online news,

Official Papers Leaked
CIA atrocities
Embassies and international organizations


I contacted the French Military Police at least twice through the website of the Gerdarmerie and by once calling one of its agents in 2009 (number available, conversation recorded); after French military personnel had repeatedly been involved in thefts of my property, severe torture, assassination attempts, high technology sabotage, etc. The man at the other end of the line not only refused to help, but also threatened me:

-"Till death do us apart we will attack your brain by satellite!" - He suggested. (Alexandre Nevsky Cathedral on Rue Daru?)

Videos/ photographs depicting French uniformed military personnel sabotage (and mafia activism in public places) were distributed among foreign embassies/ agencies/ international courts from 2009 to 2010. A series of assassinations and massacres that have been perpetrated in several countries since 2010, bear the biotechnology stamp of the Paris Ecole Militaire and bespeak a relation between a (possible French) oil company and covert subversion directed against Mexico, Venezuela and Libya (as understood later). Serious warnings from well-informed sources did not go unheeded.

In February, 2014 Russian-speaking street "activists" that use satellites for nonstop paramilitary torture made clear they are following orders (often denominated "a program"), from French terrorists implicated in ETA assassinations/ bombings on Spanish and French territories, periodic and deadly attacks on Russian civilians, manufacture of foreign military colonies, mass murders in Syria, large financial heists, etc.; photos available.

Note: from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Manuel Artime was the nephew of popular Cuban poet José Ángel Bueza, and was raised as a devout Catholic by Jesuits. In 1957 he became a member of the Radical Liberation Party (PLR), a Christian democratic group. He graduated as a doctor and planned to become a psychiatrist.
In December 1958 he joined the rebel army of Fidel Castro and took part in offensives against the forces of the Batista regime at Guisa, Maffo and Palma Soriano. In January 1959, after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, Artime was appointed second in command of Zone 0-22 in the Ciro Redondo district in the Manzanillo region at INRA (Instituto Nacional de Reforma Agraria). In that post, under Major Humberto Sorí Marin, Minister of Agriculture, and Rogelio Gonzalez Corzo (alias "Francisco Gutierrez"), Director of Agriculture, Artime promoted the work of the Commandos Rurales (Rural Commandos), a kind of Peace Corps composed of young people, most of whom belonged to the University Catholic Group (ACU) in Havana. Both Sorí Marin and Rogelio Gonzalez were captured on the eve of the Bay of Pigs Invasion and executed on 20 April 1961. Artime was also a professor at the Havana Military Academy. During 1959, Artime formed the Movimiento de Recuperación Revolucionaria (MRR) (in English - Movement to Recover the Revolution) that included Rogelio Gonzalez Corzo, Higinio "Nino" Diaz, Jorge Sotus, Sergio Sanjenis, Rafael Rivas Vazquez, Carlos Rodriguez Santana, some of whom were already exiled in Mexico.
In October 1959, after the arrest and trial of Major Huber Matos of the Cuban revolutionary army, the Cuban intelligence unit G-2 began searching for other counter-revolutionaries. Artime took asylum with the Jesuits in Havana, and on 7 November 1959 his resignation letter from INRA and the revolutionary army was published on the front page of Avance newspaper. Artime then contacted the American embassy in Havana, and on 14 December 1959, the CIA arranged for him to travel to the USA on a Honduran freighter ship. He became closely involved with Gerry Droller (alias Frank Bender, alias "Mr B") of the CIA in recruiting and organizing Cuban exiles in Miami for future actions against the Cuban government. Artime's organization MRR thus grew to become the principal counter-revolutionary movement inside Cuba, with supporting members in Miami, Mexico, Venezuela etc. Involved were Tony Varona, José Miró Cardona, Rafael Quintero, Aureliano Arango. Infiltration into Cuba, arms drops, etc. were arranged by the CIA.
In May 1960 he was one of a group of ten former Cuban officers in Miami planning a campaign against the Cuban government. They were all graduates of Cuba's military academy, the Cadet School. On 2 June 1960, Artime and nine fellow 'recruits' were transported by CIA agents to Useppa Island off Fort Myers, Florida, for physical and psychological assessments. On 22 June 1960 Artime and 27 others were taken by land and air to Fort Gulick in Panama for paramilitary training. On 22 August 1960 he flew via CIA C-54 transport aircraft to San Jose, Guatemala. On 15 April 1961, José Miró Cardona, chairman of the New York-based Cuban Revolutionary Council confirmed Manuel Artime as its Economic Administrator and "Delegate in the Invading Army". On 17 April 1961 he went ashore with Brigade 2506, the assault brigade of Cuban exiles, at Playa Larga in the Bay of Pigs Invasion. After the Brigade had ceased fighting on 19 April 1961, he and others scattered into the woods and swamps near Girón. On 2 May 1961, he was captured by Cuban forces near the Covadonga sugar mill with 21 other members of the Brigade. He was finally released from prison and flown to Miami on 24 December 1962. On 29 December 1962, Manuel Artime was on stage next to US President John F. Kennedy at the Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida, during the 'welcome back' ceremony for captured Brigade 2506 veterans.
At the initiative of US Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, he became involved in the Cuban project AMWORLD, a White House-sponsored and CIA-organized counter-revolutionary unit with bases in Costa Rica and Nicaragua that staged commando raids on Cuban shore installations. However, in 1964 the Cuban Project was cancelled by US President Lyndon B. Johnson. Artime participated in a failed assassination attempt against Fidel Castro in 1965. In the 1970s Artime organized the Miami Watergate Defense Relief Fund, collecting $21,000 for the convicted Watergate burglars, a number of whom were American or Cuban veterans of the Bay of Pigs operation. Artime was very close to E. Howard Hunt and was godfather to Hunts youngest son David.
Manuel Artime died of cancer on 18 November 1977. The circumstances of his premature death are considered unusual on both sides of the Florida Straits, but such comments are commonly considered speculative (i.e. conspiracy theory).
He is buried at Woodlawn Park Cemetery and Mausoleum (now Caballero Rivero Woodlawn North Park Cemetery and Mausoleum).



On the 17th of December 2012 this warning was emailed to the Russian Military Prosecutor's Office. Following killings in Syria were apparently perpetrated by a French extreme-right military organization (marriage - private property):



Military mafiosi continue brutally attacking brain with satellite weapons and interfering with the servers (*). Application to the European Court of Human Rights (165 color pages; according to server statistics, around 770 full downloads from November 2013 to February 20th, 2014), which was mailed on November 18th, 2013 with attached DVD, may be downloaded from:

(*) Routinely web traffic is blocked for hours after contacting US attorneys and employees of the Ministries of Justice of several US states. Similar interference has occurred in the wake of emailing Permanent Representations at the United Nations in Geneva. Email reception confirmations are obviously manipulated by French paramilitary groups, which also modify the contents of official websites (such as city and state bar associations). An additional example is described in the application to the European Court; the Estonian host of "" has been subject to similar "inside" hacking, which is programed on a lower-than-php-scripting level. An american Human Rights activist recently "confirmed" that another Estonian private company is involved in extreme-right ("South African") paramilitary sabotage (also) directed against the black population of the USA.

Descriptions of some instances of direct participation of uniformed policemen and military personnel in sabotage/ torture:

The quality and contents of presented books surpass those, of online-disclosed information.

News contain proofs and important information! (
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